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Gold Diamond Bracelets, Tennis Bracelets, Bangles

When first I heard about tennis bracelets the first thing that came into my mind was may be they are stretchable and flexible enough to be worn in a tennis tournament but surprisingly mostly tennis bracelets are made of diamonds with over 2 carats or with other precious gemstones like emerald, ruby, and sapphire which makes us realize their price and worth. They are made of sterling silver and gold with equal sized diamonds or precious stones connected without any gaps that looks elegant and spectacular in a woman’s wrist...

Tennis Bracelets To Make You Feel Like A Star

The name tennis bracelet was kept after an incident where Chris Evert who happens to be a number 1 tennis player who has won 18 Grand Slam singles titles was wearing an in-line bracelet of diamonds which fell during the tournament in 1987. The match was practically stopped to find her precious diamonds from her bracelet. This unusual event gave these in-line diamond bracelets the name of tennis bracelets. In the future these bracelets became a fashion trend that was caught on in every place. Famous tennis players like Gabriela Sabatini (won single, double titles and silver medal) and Serena Jameka Williams (won 8 Grand Slam singles titles) were seen wearing the same kind of tennis bracelets during a match, hence, keeping the same image of this bracelet as it was before.

The unique quality all of the tennis bracelets is that they have noticeable bigger diamonds rather than small ones. They mostly start from 2 carat diamonds each on the in-line bracelet which makes them incredibly expensive starting their prices from around $500. They are purely made of gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, pearls or other precious stones without any artificial or lab-crearted gemstones resulting in a fabulous shine and smooth finishing. They come in different gemstones which results in a variety of cuts including heart, rectangle which is also called the emerald cut, oval, circle and square. Every tennis bracelet made of any kind of precious stone is available in different colors and sizes. The shinny dangling bracelet filled with diamonds can be enough to be worn in a fancy occasion with a long, silk gown.

Looking at tennis jewelry pictures make me run out of words. Their look is absolutely gorgeous, the bright shinny bracelet brings a sparkle in my eyes and it will in every woman’s eyes. They might cost a lot but buying one won’t be a bad idea. They can be ideal gifts for a bride-to-be, she might not remember any other gift but she will surely cherish the tennis bracelet. A husband can give it to her newly wife to tell her how much he adores her. Wait no further and get a tennis bracelet for her to see the joy and excitement in her eyes. It can also be like time-capsule that can be inherited to your daughter and then later on to her daughter as diamonds are forever and never goes out of style. The same feeling would be recalled by her every time she is going to wear it. The tennis bracelet is made for stars and wearing one will make you feel like one too.

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